Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finals Part 1

So this week is finals and as I sit in Speech class for the last time, I think of how quickly the semester has gone. I am surprised and astonished about how quickly my finals are coming up. Let me tell you guys some point in this time of finals you will want to stop studying and take a break. Instead of pushing yourself to the max and just not having any fun at all, give yourself that well deserved break. Chances are that if you want a break, and have been studying for 3.5 hours you will not be concentrating on your studies and your mind will end up wondering. I have 3 finals this semester in Speech, Chemistry and Biology. I took the speech final on Friday, and I will be taking the other two this coming Tuesday. My speech final went ok, but my teacher is very tricky because he makes questions that if you read one word wrong you end up not doing well on the test. So I guess that I can't speak too quickly on that topic. At any rate, I hope that all of my readers are enjoying their holiday season. I can't wait for mine to begin!