Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Break

It seems like forever to get the semester over with, but after its over you wonder what you are going to do with all that time. I am currently on Winter Break, and quite frankly I wish that I was back down in La Crosse, because there is so much more to do down there than at my house. At any rate, the semester is over, I know how I did on my finals which is pretty good, and I forgot to tell you guys that I finally passed my ROTC test and have contracted, which means I am getting paid now to go to school. I would have to say that that is pretty awesome. So this winter break, I have invited some of my friends up to see me, and I will be going down by them. My roommate Jonathon is coming up to visit his girlfriend, and while he is up here he said that he would be coming and visiting me as well. Jorge, is one of my ROTC friends, and he will be coming up to visit me in Medford soon too. He is coming on January 5th, and I can't wait because Medford is so incredibly boring. I have been hanging out with my high school friends, and I stopped in to see 2 of my high school science teachers because they wanted to know how school was going and just catch up on how everything was with me. They were happy to hear that I did well on my tests and that everything had gone according to plan. Then I stopped in by my Physical Education teachers house and thanked him for believing that I could do ROTC. It meant a lot to me because I had a lot of people who really thought that I could never do that. Well I think that that is all for now, and I hope you guys are having a very Merry Christmas! Talk to you later!