Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Winter Break Goodness

Well today once again I found myself being rather bored and getting ready to go back to UW La Crosse. I am hoping that my classes go well, because I have to return to the wonderful world of math and I really do not enjoy doing that. Over break I have been trying something new for a lack of better things to do. In my speech class last semester I was told that I should consider selling items on E-Bay. So I have been selling lots of items and trying to make some spare money in the meantime. It has been a rather interesting process, because it seems like when you sell an item, everyone is trying to make a little bit of a profit. First off, E-bay takes a cut on the profits, then shortly after that if you are paying with Paypal they will take a cut. If you do not have the shipping rate down, that will also take a cut, and pretty soon you pretty much just gave the item to the seller or you lost money in the process. The other day I sold my first item, and I thought that the shipping on the item would be fairly cost efficient. I put the shipping at 4.00 dollars and thought that that would be enough. In reality I was shipping a coffee mug and the total cost to ship the mug was 7.00! So I lost a little bit of money on that deal. It ended up costing a lot more than I had anticipated. However I have learned, and now know that that will not happen again. Besides that however I just got back from a vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. A couple of my college friends decided to get a suite and stay at the Kalahari Resort. It was absolutely amazing and we had so much fun. One of my friends has enough money so that he really didn't have to worry about the cost and it was such a good way to have fun and meet up over the break. He lives in Waukesha so we do not get to see each other too much over break. He did however come up to my house so that was a pretty good time. Other than that I have just been doing house work and other random chores that have been assigned to me. I can't wait to go back to school! See you guys later!