Sunday, May 11, 2008

End of the year studying for finals!

So this is the end of the year in college, and it is truly hard to believe that a whole year in college for me has gone by. I can remember like it was yesterday moving in the residence halls, and getting ready to begin a new adventure. Well the adventure of the first year is quickly coming to a close, and with it new wisdom to assist me in my journey next semester. I will share with you some of my wisdom that I have gained this year.

1. Don't ever wait to study the night before a major examination. All that this does is cause you to stress out and chances are that you will not learn anything from this experience.

2. When you study for your finals try to have some fun. If all you do all day is study you are likely to become very tired and sick of it and then the rest of the week you will feel very unmotivated. This is critical to good test taking.

3. Always get enough sleep before you take a test. Getting 4 hours doesn't satisfy this requirement.

Well I have to get going! Have a good week guys!