Friday, September 12, 2008

New Classes for Third Semester!

So it is now my Sophomore year here at UW-La Crosse and as hard as that is to believe I need to keep pushing myself forward. I have the most difficult semester schedule that I have had so far, because two of my classes are going to attempt to "weed" me out. The first of which is Organic Chemistry, and let me tell you that if you are going into Pre-Medicine and it requires a ton of work. The best part is right now it is still rather fun, however I need to find some time this week to go in and see if I can get some help because there are several topics that we discussed and I am not completely understanding the material. We are going over the processes of Hydrocarbons this week and how to name Organic compounds, which for some odd reason is different than naming any other chemical compound in any class that I have had before. For some reason they are super specific on how and what I should be naming.

The next class that is difficult is BIO 312 Human Anatomy and Physiology. I think that the lecture so far is great, however this week was the first week that labs were in session and they basically put out 80+ bones in front of us and told us to memorize them within the hour. Within the hour!!!!! So needless to say I will have to go into the lab sometime this week and deal with that little issue of continuing to memorize the names, grooves, cracks, and holes within the bones.

As far as the rest of my schedule goes, I will have to tell you about that next week! For now I have to get going and run a section conclave for this weekend. (Order of the Arrow Campout!) Have a great week guys!