Thursday, October 9, 2008

So this week has been a fairly hectic time, and with classes and ROTC starting to stress me out to the max, I find myself especially having to buckle down to get the work that I need to get done, accomplished. I had a test in dance appreciation this past Wednesday, and it went pretty good for the most part. Today we had a run for ROTC and we got to call cadences, (the running songs in the army) while we ran about 3 miles. Overall it was a really fun time and by far my favorite event in ROTC. Last night we also helped with the honor flight for veterans from WWII that had the opportunity to fly to Washington DC and see the WWII memorial built in honor of them. Somehow they managed to get a 757 plane into La Crosse Airport, which is way to big for what the airport is designed for. Overall it was a very cool experience to have done and a cool volunteer project. Tomorrow I have to turn in my worksheet for Organic Chemistry and also get my Political Science take home test done by this weekend. I should have plenty of time this weekend though for doing the test because I will be out at Fort McCoy assisting with Ranger Challenge, an event designed for cadets. I will talk to you guys next week!